CERAMIC innovation

We specialized in drying technology, energy-saving solutions, design of high performance factories. We know exactly what our customers need and we fully embrace their challenges.

Our services to improve production techniques, product quality, and sustainability

Engineering and technological services

Global support inspired by the essential drivers for a competitive company – quality, technology and sustainability – both in plant modernization and in greenfield projects, from feasibility studies to assistance in the start-up phase of production.

Energy solutions

Not only the recovery of thermal waste, but also the analysis of different energy sources to determine the most suitable choice for the customer, combining productivity and reduced environmental impact.

Handling & Automation

Customized systems that can be integrated into every stage of the production process with the aim to increase the efficiency and repeatability of processes, safety and the valorization of human capital.

ceramic progetti plant

Specific services for ceramic and more

Sanitaryware, tiles, bricks, glass fiber, ceramic insulators, clay pipes, refractories, terracotta… All our customers can count on a team of highly qualified engineers and technicians, with a deep understanding of the products and a great knowledge of thermodynamics, of materials and of the production processes.


Automation in the terracotta industry: a tailored dryer for enhanced productivity and energy efficiency

A customized industrial dryer for terracotta ceramics engineered to meet a client’s specific needs and…

The dryer working at no cost: the result of a construction technique aimed at optimizing energy efficiency

At Progetti, we have always worked to promote the rational use of energy, a commitment…