The technological development that ceramic insulation is facing, is functional to demanding applications and high-performance settings, and needs a reliable partner focused on the search for new solutions.

Thanks to the laboratory testing experience gained over the years, we can design customized dryers for short and reliable cycles. Moreover, the continuous improvement permits to reach an excellent energy efficiency. A good environmental control is key to the production of high quality insulators.

Our solutions for ceramic insulators industry ensure maximum flexibility and reliability


Electrical insulators complex shape and high core diameter make them very sensible to the drying process. A strict control of air flow and its parameters (temperature and relative humidity) and a very good air homogeneity inside the chambers are key to successful insulator drying. Our ceramic insulators dryers are able to dry any kind of alumina based piece: hollow, solid core, pins, long-rod, post, suspension, for LV, MV and HV.

Why Progetti dryers
ability to operate successfully with special, large and complex products
adjustable internal ventilation with ivariable frequency drive and humidification systems
energy efficiency