We are Progetti

We specialize in the design and implementation of mechanical, electrical and special systems, with a focus on the ceramic INDUSTRY and medical FIELD.

Innovation and complex challenges fascinate us: we are a benchmark in energy-saving technologies, engineering solutions, automation, and nuclear medicine.

The engineering department is the creative heart, our project managers are the soul of the company. Together we create solutions that are born to do the job, whether it is a single installation or the entire project of a factory or hospital.

We build lasting relationships with our customers, based on shared values and goals. We listen to them, which is why we know exactly what they need. We prefer solutions to problems, which is why we never give up before we have achieved our goal and why we are not afraid to break new ground.


The research for the best solution expands our expertise day by day


A global customer support is our idea of excellence


We always achieve great results under all circumstances


We ensure custom made services at every level

We are Benefit

Progetti is a “Benefit Corporation”. We chose to change our legal status, adding to the statute those environmental sustainability and social goals that have always been an integral part of our DNA.
Our purposes of common benefit involve:

the implementation of solid company governance aimed at growth

the creation of a working environment aimed at the development and wellbeing of employees and collaborators, in terms of personal and professional growth

a lower environmental impact, by both improving the internal processes and thanks to the design of products that effectively contribute to decarbonization and energy recovery

building relations based on listening and on the sharing of sustainability paths with clients, suppliers, and with all the stakeholders in general

Our business vision is based on the values of transparency, and respecting people and nature. For us, being a "Benefit Corporation" means aligning our business model with these values even more, and contributing to the confirmation of a development model that is ready for the future.