Sustainability at our core
Energy savings are a key factor in the ceramic industry, both for the increased energy costs and for the need to contribute to environmental protection. 

Thanks to our experience in the energy recovery field and proud of the many installations carried out, we propose ourselves as a partner to support the ceramic companies for finding the best solution to rationalize energy consumption.

A solid program made up of suitable investments and tangible results

Energy efficiency service is the result of careful planning based on real needs, a service that works for the ceramic process and which is developed specifically for the client.
We are also convinced that a solution can only be efficient if it has been effectively field tested.This is what Progetti has been doing for the ceramic industry for more than 40 years.

Energy recovery systems

We have developed advanced technical solutions for capturing and storing the energy, which would otherwise be wasted, through direct and indirect recovery systems. In particular, energy recovery systems allow to use wasted thermal energy from kiln exhaust in all the systems that require heat, such as dryers and casting hall.
Moreover, to design the best energy scenario, many more aspects should be considered: the specific MEP services, the different production areas, the structure of the plant. For each aspect, it is important to understand what the saving potentials are.

Centralizing energy

As MEP engineers we use to think from a cost-benefit point of view. We know the advantages of centralizing energy and then branching it where it is required. In this regard, we believe that water is the best way to carry, transport and share energy. With a single hot water generation point, it is possible to supply the whole factory, while having the perfect control over production. Centralized production of hot water offers several benefits in the ceramic industry: high energy efficiency, fuel saving and accurate users temperature regulation are some of them.

central heating

Hybrid systems

water system

We are able to exploit hybrid systems, as well as the full potential of the heat pump, aiming to a net zero factory project.

All our equipment can work both with traditional burners and hot water heat exchangers. Factory power supply can be hybrid: water- electricity, gas-electricity, gas- water, combining different energy sources. A detailed analysis allows us to identify the most suitable choice for the customer, using water whenever possible, to design innovative and sustainable solutions.

Powering Industrial Processes: Boiler Room for Hot Water Generation

Take a peek inside our efficient boiler rooms, designed to generate hot water for various industrial applications, including dryers, climate control systems, and more. Trustworthy performance for seamless production operations.