Drying is a delicate phase of the refractory production process. The nowdays technological challenge consists in providing an increasingly sharp control of temperature and humidity, which in turn results in a reduction of waste.

Thanks to our specific know how, we can develop solutions combining the best drying results, high yield, and low environmental impact.

We put our know how and experience into creating the most reliable drying technology for refractory industry

Dryers and curing ovens

Refractory materials are a wide family of products made of many different chemical compositions. Refractories for glass industry, refractories for steel industry and refractories for aluminium industry are just some of the materials we tested.

Temperatures up to 400°C and customized handling systems permit to operate with every material. Materials testing allows us to get the best drying/curing curve and to design tailor-made dryers and ovens accordingly.

Why Progetti systems
taylor-made design
complete and integrated solutions with handling and automation
flexibility to work at different temperature and humidity conditions and with chemicals