Temporary solutions

At the forefront of emergency medicine

Mobile clinics and field hospitals play a vital role wherever access to a traditional, stationary health care facility is limited.

We design integrated solutions to fulfill mobile equipment needs for quick deployment, isolated areas, emergency response, or national mobile medical services. From planning and design to delivery and training, we put our expertise to provide solutions that meet the international guidelines and standards.

We offer different modular solutions, starting from a small examination center to a complete hospital.

Mobile Hospitals and Mobile Units

Planning, design, and delivery of integrated mobile medical hospitals for a variety of specialties, ready for operation: operating theatre, intensive care unit, first aid unit, analysis laboratory, pharmacy, radiology unit, tomography unit, dental unit, field kitchen, command stations
Planning, design, and delivery of a wide variety of specialized mobile medical units and ambulances
Training and certification of on-site staff
General and intensive care services 

Temporary Field Hospitals

Planning, design, and delivery of temporary field hospitals for quick deployment in remote areas. Our field hospitals are engineered to address specific operational requirements and levels of medical care.

Our products have successfully completed all the necessary tests at the appointed Military Technical Centres, including the Climatic Chamber test. The shelters/containers are used by the Health Departments of the Italian Armed Forces in military and humanitarian missions in the following country: Somalia, Mozambique, Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Chad. Great performance are guaranteed in warm and dusty zones such as Somalia, Iraq, as well as cold areas like Bosnia.