High Efficiency and Automation: turning challenges into opportunities

Ever-increasing automation and the development of advanced energy-saving systems are what has always distinguished our approach.

Energy-saving solutions certainly concern the recovery of thermal waste, but they also include the analysis of different energy sources to determine the most suitable choice for the customer, combining productivity and reduced environmental impact.

As far as automation is concerned, we offer customised systems that can be integrated into every stage of the production process. The aim is to increase the efficiency and repeatability of processes, safety and the valorization of human capital.

All the latest engineering projects, which we have been entrusted with by leading global sanitaryware companies, have enabled us to design high-performance factories from various points of view. Each time, we have tried to turn challenges into profitable opportunities for our client.

As far as energy consumption is concerned, we were able to exploit the advantages of plants powered by hybrid systems, we used the full potential of the heat pump up to the development of a net zero factory project.

Our in-depth knowledge of materials has also enabled us to apply modern technology and automation in special areas, such as the processing of large parts in fine fire clay.

Innovation and decarbonisation are increasingly becoming keywords for the ceramics industry and for us at Progetti it is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the achievement of these goals.

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