Baghdad invests in cardiac surgery and assigns department fitting-out to Progetti Medical Systems

Progetti Medical Systems has prepared hundreds of health structures all over the world, but being able to collaborate in creating health centres that become a reference point for people’s health is always very satisfying.

During the next few months, we will be able to dedicate ourselves to fitting out a hospital in Baghdad, supplying it with medical equipment for the Cardiac Surgery Department in particular.

Together with our local partner Emaar, we won the tender announced by the Iraqi Ministry of Health through Kimadia, the state company for the import and distribution of drugs and medical devices in Iraq. 

It is a multimillionaire contract for the supply of advanced technology that will be used for serious heart surgery and to implement advanced clinical and therapy pathways.

Being a call for tender, our job was to answer the requisites indicated in the specification, offering the best price/quality combination. Achieving this result was possible thanks to a database of more than 2,000 reliable and selected suppliers, an unquestionable added value when combining economic sustainability with high standards.

We will, in addition, collaborate with expert professionals in whom we trust to manage logistics and installation, and will provide support with equipment start-up and training. Assistance over the 4-year guarantee period is also assured.

The project, which includes supply procurement, delivery and installation, has to be completed in 6 months.

“We are delighted that we were chosen for this important project and to be able to make our experience available to health institutions,” said Paolo Luchini, Chief Operating Officer of Progetti Medical Systems. “We repay the trust placed in us by providing the highest quality products and services during each phase, from the choice of the equipment to its start-up; in this manner, it is ready to be used for treating patients successfully.”

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